There are 25 consonant sounds in the English language. Consonants also have symbols that represent their sounds. Most of the symbols are the letters that represent the sound, however there are a few exceptions.

          Note: The letter c can sound like an ‘s’ or a ‘k’. 

                    The letter g can sound like a ‘j’, in addition to the harder ‘g’ sound.      

                     Five sounds are represented by two letters- these are ch, sh, zh, and th. 

                     ‘th’ has two sounds- one voiced and one voiceless.


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b ch d f g


j k l m n p
q r s sh sz t
th v w x y z


Voiced and Voiceless Consonants

All the sounds produced in the English are either voiced or voiceless. Voiced sounds occur when the vocal cords vibrate when the sound is produced. There is no vocal cord vibration when producing voiceless sounds. To test this, place your finger tips hand on your throat as you say the sounds. When saying the voiced sounds, you should be able to feel a vibration. When saying the voiceless sounds you sound not be able to feel a vibration.Sometimes it is very difficult to feel the difference between a voiced and voiceless sound. Another test may help. Put a piece of paper in front of your mouth when saying the sounds- the paper will should move when saying the unvoiced sounds.All vowels in English are voiced. Some of the consonant sounds are voiced and some are voiceless. Some of the consonant sounds produced in English are very similar. Many times the difference between them is because one is voiced and the other is voiceless. Two examples are ‘z’, which is voiced, and ‘s’, which is voiceless. Other voiced and voiceless pairs of consonants are b and p, d and t, and g and k.The chart below contains a listing of the voiced and voiceless consonants.


Voiced consonants sounds                           Voiceless consonant sounds

b                                                       p   

d                                                        t

g                                                       k

v                                                       f

z                                                           s

th-v                                              th-vl

sz                                                    sh

j                                                   ch

l                                                       h








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