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Below is a list of the topics that are covered in this site. Just click on the link and go to that page. Each page will have examples of correct pronunciation of the topic chosen. 




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Common Reductions

Another item that can be a source of confusion and frustration for beginning learners of English are reductions. Reductions occur when sounds are reduced or completely eliminated in words when spoken. Reductions are very common in speech and some of the more common reductions are described below. 


Reductions of 'of' -

   There are three changes the can occur with the word 'of'.


   A. The 'o' in of is often pronounced using the schwa sound- uh.

        (see section on vowels)

     some of  becomes   some uh       

   'He likes some of the books' becomes  

     He likes some uh the books.




   B. If a vowel follows 'of' it is often pronounced with a schwa + v (uhv)



     most of becomes most uhv    

   'Most of all, you can't drink' becomes

     Most uhv all, you can't drink.





   C. If the sound of the letter before 'of' is a 't' there is a flap in addition to the reduction.

     ouf of becomes oud dah    


    'He's out of money' becomes

      He's oud dah money.


Reductions of 'and'   And is often reduced to 'n'.    



   movies and books becomes movies n books

    'I like movies and books' becomes    I like movies n books.


Reductions of 'or'   Or is often reduced to 'r'.


   pencil or pen becomes a pencil r pen.

   'Either a pencil or pen' becomes    Either a pencil r a pen will do.


Reductions of 'for'  For is often reduced and changed to fer



   for lunch becomes what's fer lunch.

      What's for lunch' becomes    What's fer lunch.



          Other Reduction Pages


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